Choosing a Walk-in Tub Handout

Need help trying to choose the right accessible bathroom equipment?

This handout will help!

Buying an Accessible Bathtub is a major decision. It involves a substantial amount of money, and the inconvenience of a bathroom renovation. It is important to fully research the options before you make a decision.

There are four main areas to look at: product choices, the bather, installation and feature/benefit considerations.

  • Part 1 Accessible product choices
  • Part 2 Bather considerations
  • Part 3 Installation considerations
  • Part 4 Feature and Benefit considerations

Choosing a Walk-in Tub Downloadable PDF Handout

Now You Can Have a Stylish AND Safe Bathroom with Our Accessories

Whether you’re picking out the valve for your shower or choosing the powder coat on your new grab bar, choosing your bathroom accessories can be like finding the right piece to a puzzle. Sometimes you didn’t even know it was missing until you put it in place, and the the whole picture comes to life! At Aquassure we carry a variety of accessories for all needs. If you’re purchasing a shower we can send you away with a complete accessories pack, or piece out your new bathroom to match your walk-in tub. Our catalogue has a detailed list of what we have to offer, but here is a small summary for you to consider. Continue reading

Incorporating Aging in Place to Your Home Updates or Purchase Decisions

Whether renovating or considering purchasing a new home, plan for a lifetime of joy there. Aging in Place is the growing new standard of living. Instead of eventually moving on to a facility, more and more people are able to choose to stay at home. To do this you must make your home accessible, safe, enjoyable, and most importantly, livable for many years to come. This involves some thoughtful planning throughout the whole home. Every time you replace, renovate, or update a room or appliance, consider this guide and incorporate the features of aging in place standards in your job. This alleviates the need do it (and pay for it) all at once.

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Choosing a Walk-in Tub – Part 4: Features

Four part blog on Choosing a Walk-in Bathtub

Fill and Drain Time.

stopwatchIt can take a long long time to fill and drain your tub and when you are wet, you might quickly get cold waiting for the tub to drain. Make sure that your tub has fixtures that fill the tub quickly. Best Bath walk-in tubs will fill in under 6 minutes. Slide-in bathtubs like the Aquassure ADL Spa will fill in less than 3 minutes. Some other very popular walk-in tubs may take up to 15 minutes to fill.

Drain times range form 90 seconds to 5 minutes or more. 2″ drains and multiple drains speed drain time. Continue reading

Options for your slide-in bathtub

The Aquassure Slide-in Bathtub has several options to choose from.

  • Door opening
  • Fixture choice
  • Cabinet Base Finish
  • Hydrotherapy Jets
  • Shoulder and Seat Belt
  • Extension Handle
  • 3-wall Surround
  • Custom options
woman in wheelchair and ADL tub

Left door Aquassure slide-in bathtub

The Aquassure slide-in bath is available in a left or right opening door.





Fixture Choice.

The Aquassure Slidein bathtub has 3 main fixture choices. Continue reading

Seniors and People with Disabilities – Are you Prepared for a Disaster?

epwt-01-engIn my volunteer life, I am a member of the local ESS (Emergency Support Services) and CDART (Canadian Disaster Animal Response Team). I help with disaster response – I help evacuate and take care of people and animals who are affected by disasters like a forest fire, flood, earthquake, ice storm, chemical spill, explosion, or apartment fire. Continue reading