World Stroke Day

Today is World Stroke Day and Aquassure Accessible Baths would like to help spread awareness for this debilitating condition that can strike at any time. It is a medical emergency that can happen to anyone, regardless of age or health. You can help protect yourself and others by understanding what stroke is, what its signs are, and what to do if you suspect you, or someone you know, has experienced one. Continue reading

Now You Can Have a Stylish AND Safe Bathroom with Our Accessories

Whether you’re picking out the valve for your shower or choosing the powder coat on your new grab bar, choosing your bathroom accessories can be like finding the right piece to a puzzle. Sometimes you didn’t even know it was missing until you put it in place, and the the whole picture comes to life! At Aquassure we carry a variety of accessories for all needs. If you’re purchasing a shower we can send you away with a complete accessories pack, or piece out your new bathroom to match your walk-in tub. Our catalogue has a detailed list of what we have to offer, but here is a small summary for you to consider. Continue reading

Caregiver Resources

Caregiving is difficult and time-consuming, as well as emotionally and financially draining.

Caregivers perform a range of tasks in caring for their family member or friend, with providing transportation being the most commonly reported (73%). Other tasks included housework (51%), house maintenance and outdoor work (45%), scheduling and coordinating appointments (31%), managing finances (27%), helping with medical treatments (23%) and providing personal care (22%). Continue reading

Exhaustion to Stroke: Why Summer Safety Is Important

With the official calendar start of summer just past, the Okanagan has embraced summer and is heating up, bringing in those sunny skies and climbing temperatures. Whether you love the sun and are ready to swim, or you’re just counting down the minutes until you can stand in front of an air conditioner again, it’s important to recognize the dangers of the sun and the heat it provides, and be ready to protect yourself and others. Continue reading

Protecting Our Hearts – World Heart Day

The heart has always held a place of importance throughout history. Early on the heart was considered the source of intellect, life, and emotional understanding. Today it is known as the body’s hardest working muscle, pumping two ounces of blood every beat. Mothers place their baby’s head against their chest, using that familiar thump-thump to calm tears. Even adults, and animals, are comforted by the beating of a heart. Today with the help of science we have realized the great importance the heart plays in the health of your body. It pushes blood around the body, which in turn pushes nutrients, oxygen, and medicines to where they are needed, like our body’s own unique delivery truck. When the ‘packages’ have been delivered, and the ‘truck’ is cleaned of waste, blood returns back to the heart to be cycled through the body again. This important part the heart plays in our whole body health is why it’s important to pay attention to the heart’s health. Continue reading