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Options for your slide-in bathtub

The Aquassure Slide-in Bathtub has several options to choose from.

  • Door opening
  • Fixture choice
  • Cabinet Base Finish
  • Hydrotherapy Jets
  • Shoulder and Seat Belt
  • Extension Handle
  • 3-wall Surround
  • Custom options
woman in wheelchair and ADL tub

Left door Aquassure slide-in bathtub

The Aquassure slide-in bath is available in a left or right opening door.





Fixture Choice.

The Aquassure Slidein bathtub has 3 main fixture choices.

  • Basic – 3/4″ high flow fixture set with roman tub filler, handshower, lever handles and ergonomic deck-mount drain control.Slide in bathtub basic fixtures.
  • Safety Plus – 3/4″ high-flow thermostatic fixture set with roman tub filler, handshower, lever handles, ergonomic drain control and deck mount precise, calibrated temperature control.Thermostatic Fixtures for ADL
  • Electronic Control – 3/4″ high-flow thermostatic fixture set with roman tub filler, handshower, deck mount digital control pad, ergonomic drain control and precise, calibrated temperature control with digital display of temperature. The electronic control system also includes air and water hydrotherapy systems that are controlled by the same digital touchpad.ADL Slide-in Bath: Electronic Touch Control System




Cabinet Base Finish:

The cabinet base fronts come with white melamine finish. You can also upgrade to maple or oak veneer or solid bamboo cupboard doors. The doors can be ordered with maple or oak, unfinishes, or in stock colours or special order colours, or Aquassure finishes (available in Canada only) or custom stain options. You can also order the tub without the cabinet fronts if you wish to have your own cabinet maker provide the fronts.

Safety Plus Active Living Spa - Dark Maple Veneer Cabinets and Right Hand Door

Dark Maple Veneer Cabinets and Right Hand Door

Ample Storage in Cabinet Base

Ample Storage in Cabinet Base


man w tub






There are two hydrotherapy options for the Aquassure slide-in tub: Heated water hydrotherapy jets and heated air jets. The water jets are adjustable and use the Syllent water pump for the quietest jet system on the market. Syllentâ„¢ water pumpHeated air jets have a gentler jet and perculate heated water through the tub. Air jets are a closed system with no water in the lines. Water jets have a small amount of water in the lines that is purged after each use. They require cleaning every 4-6 weeks with spa cleaner or liquid dishwasher detergent. We also recommend an automatic ozone disinfection system with a water jet system.Heated Air Jet Massage System


Lap and Shoulder Belt:

For those with poor core strength or paralysis, we recommend the lap and shoulder harness system to keep the bather in place. These harnesses can be provided with either velcro or snap clip closures. The D-hooks for the harness must be installed before final tub installation.Support Harness - front view


Extension Handle

The extension handle makes it easier to open and close the door without reaching over the side of the tub. It allows use of both hands or the back of the hand to open the door. This is a handy add-on that can be added after installation if the bather’s needs change.Extension handle opposite arm





Surround and Freestanding:

Peninsula style, right hand Safety Plus Slide-in Bath tub

Peninsula style, right hand Safety Plus Slide-in Bath tub

The Aquassure slide-in tub can be installed as a freestanding unit, peninsula style, or in a standard bathtub alcove. The surround above the tub can be tiled or you can use a 3 wall surround system. The Best Bath universal shower wall system is a quick install solution that provides full blocking and water barrier protection.

Active Living Spa with custom three wall surround and cabinet finish.

Active Living Spa with custom three wall surround and cabinet finish.










Custom Options:

There are also a limited number of custom options available. The cabinet base height can be ordered 2-3 inches shorter or taller to best match the chair height of the user. The interior handles can be ordered uninstalled and installed on site (care must be taken that they are installed on flat areas of the tub only). The tub can also be ordered without a base and the base built on site (needs to be raised up a few inches for the drain clearances).

March 20th: The Aquassure showroom has closed due to COVID-19. At this time we are still able to ship orders and our shipping/receiving staff are doing their best during limited hours to make sure your orders arrive as fast as possible. If you are local to us and looking to pick up your order, we are doing curbside pickup only at this time by appointment. Please call 250-868-1220 to schedule that. Our phone lines are answered by our answering service who e-mail and text our cell phones with your messages. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience!