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Showers FAQs

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How big are the showers?

Our most common showers sold are 60” in width, though the width ranges available are 36” to 73 with various drain locations and thresholds. We have over 400 sizes and models of showers.

Will it fit through my doorway?

Multi-piece showers are shipped so that each piece can be carried in easily through the door by an individual. Single unit showers may not fit through your door, and are recommended for new builds only.

Will it fit in my bathroom?

Measurement is key to finding the right shower system for you. Measure the height and width of your existing shower or bath location to the studs and we can make a recommendation of which shower models will fit best.

Does it matter if my existing drain is on the left or right side?

Yes. The location of your drain is an important fact in choosing the right system for you, as it dictates the model of shower pan. End drain models are available in left or right versions but not in every size. Center drains are also available, but not in every size. Spec sheets for exact drain locations are available for every model. Note our drain locations are standardized and many homes do not have standardized drain locations. It is not uncommon to have to adjust your drain location to match the shower pan.

How is it delivered?

Showers can be delivered to the installation location, to the contractor’s location, or our warehouse, whichever is most convenient for the customer. Showers are delivered fully crated and protected with foam.

How do I install the shower?

Your new shower can be installed by you, or a contractor in your area. While we do not install the products ourselves, we can help you find a suitable contractor to meet your needs. Please see our Installation Info page for more information. We provide full technical support, guidance, videos and documentation.

Do the showers have curtains, or doors?

Shower curtains for all widths are available for purchase, and are weighted for use with our water stoppers. The anti-static anti-bacterial vinyl material is designed for years of trouble-free use. If glass doors are your preference however, we work with local suppliers to custom match your needs. Standard threshold showers can be fitted with standard tracked glass doors or top-hung doors. Barrier-free showers are best used with a shower curtain or top-hung shower door.

How are leaks prevented for roll-in showers?

Our drains are already pre-sloped to make sure the water runs towards the drain, not the doorway. Our water-stoppers complete the system. Made of heavy gauge EPDM rubber to create a “T” shaped curb, our water stoppers compress easily under foot or wheel but immediately bounce back up to keep spills off your floors. Installation is simple with a peel and stick adhesive. Weighted shower curtains or glass doors also help to provide a barrier between water and the rest of your bathroom. The modular shower walls are also designed so that even if the silicone seams aren’t sealed, water will channel down towards the floor panel to properly drain out.

What if I need a ramp?

All showers come with a variety of accessories and upgrades available to make your showering experience easy and comfortable. If you need a ramp, a larger seat, extra grab bars, or quality hand showers, we can help you with that. Our modular ramps are light weight and easy to install, move and clean. They also work great for sliding glass exterior doorways and floor transition areas elsewhere in the home.

What about slippery floors?

All showers come with a slip resistant textured surface. For extra protection we have a roll on clear coat product that can provide extra resistance for the bather. This product does not void warranty or take away from the look of your shower. We do not recommend the use of rubber mats in our showers. Left in, they can damage the surface of the shower and void the warranty.

March 20th: The Aquassure showroom has closed due to COVID-19. At this time we are still able to ship orders and our shipping/receiving staff are doing their best during limited hours to make sure your orders arrive as fast as possible. If you are local to us and looking to pick up your order, we are doing curbside pickup only at this time by appointment. Please call 250-868-1220 to schedule that. Our phone lines are answered by our answering service who e-mail and text our cell phones with your messages. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience!