Walk-in Tub FAQs

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Walk-in Tubs

What is the difference between the Escape and the Escape Plus?

The Escape is our classic walk-in tub. The Escape does not have the flip-up seat or the slightly wider doorway of the Escape Plus.

Will it fit through my doorway?

The standard doorway measures between 28” and 32”. Depending on your doorway the tub may fit through, but door widening or other alternative movement methods could be required. For narrower doorways, we recommend the Liberty tub.

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Will it fit in my bathroom?

The Escape is designed to replace a standard shower or bathtub. Measuring the space where your new tub will be will help to decide on the best product for your needs.


Does it matter if my existing drain is on the left or right side?

No! If your existing drain line doesn’t match with your tubs drain location, drain lines can be ran underneath the tub.

How is it delivered?

Tubs can be delivered to the installation location, to the contractor’s location, or our warehouse, whichever is most convenient for the customer. Tubs are delivered fully crated and protected.

How do I install the tub?

Your new tub can be installed by you, or a contractor in your area. While we do not install the products ourselves, we can help you find a suitable contractor to meet your needs. Tubs with electronic features such as jets will need an electrician as part of the installation process. Please see our Installation Info page for more information. We provide full technical support, guidance, videos and documentation.

How does the door system work?

The elegant, user-friendly patented door latch is both attractive and easy to use with a simple up and down lever that locks or unlocks the door. The door opens inside the tub, keeping the unit compact, and also benefiting from a strong water pressure seal. Any adjustments that need to be made can be easily done with our adjustable latch. With our inward opening door, there is little likelihood of an accidental opening. Unlike competitors’ electronic sealing doors, our doors can be safely locked or unlocked even during a power outage.

What if I accidentally open the door while bathing?

While possible, it would take a great deal of force to open the door of your walk-in tub. Once the tub has filled many pounds of water pressure seals the door shut from the inside out. Because of this pressure, the door will stay shut until the water is drained.

Will the door leak?

The door seals have been tested for quality to prevent leakage. As a safety feature door tracks have drains equipped in the case that a leak occurs. Pin leaks can usually be easily fixed by adjusting the latch.

How much water does it take?

The Escape model takes 59 gal, and the Liberty and Escape Plus models take 76 gal of water. In some cases with smaller hot water tanks, a new, larger hot water tank may be required to fill the bathtub. All walk-in tubs take more water than a standard bathtub due to the footwell.


How big is the tub?

The classic walk-in tub, the Escape is 50” in width, 30” in depth, and 38” in height, with a 16 1/4” walk-through entry.

Escape Plus

How big is the tub?

The Escape Plus is 53” in width, 31.75” in depth, and 42 1/2” in height, with a 19 3/4” walk-through entry.


How big is the tub?

The Liberty was designed with smaller entryways in mind, yet with a desire to keep the same comfort and quality of an average size walk-in tub. As such, it is 51” in width, 28” in depth, and 41” tall. The walk-through is equal to the Escape Plus at 17 ½”, and the hip space is larger than the Escape at 21”.

Will it fit through my doorway?

With the standard doorway measuring 28″ to 32″ wide, the Liberty was made with smaller entryways in mind and is the narrowest tub available. The sidewalls of the tub are thinner and reinforced with a steel frame so that the interior hip space is only half an inch less than the Escape Plus.

Big E

How big is the tub?

The Big E is the largest walk-in tub on the market at 45% bigger than the standard. The tub itself is 60″ in width, 35″ in depth, 40″ in height, and has a 24″ walk-through.

Will it fit through my doorway?

The standard doorway measures between 28” and 32” usually. Because of the Big E’s extra large size it is unlikely to go through a standard doorway. Other options, such as sliding glass doors, door widening, or window entry (if a large enough window exists) will need to be considered. Your installer can best coordinate the right decision.

How much water does it take?

The Big E is our largest walk-in tub with a large footwell. It takes 170 gal of water to fill to the overflow. Generally, the Big E requires a separate water heater to adequately fill the tub.

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